IHFF is a 3-day Trade Fair

which is the World’s Largest Expo in the health, wellness, sports and fitness segment.

A carefully curated platform, that provides innumerable opportunities to the participating brands and organizations. From a mammoth footfall of health enthusiasts and fitness freaks, to the industry’s top dealers and distributors, a wide array of purchase teams, investors and venture capitalists from this industry. IHFF boasts a large congregation of the market’s biggest players, in terms of business guests and trade visitors, all successfully contributing into making this one of the largest Trade Shows on the globe.

IHFF is an Expo, that year on year continues to provide a plethora of benefits, in terms of scaling a business and gaining recognition amongst other entities. The concisely filtered audience comprising of key target segments, along with the raw size of the platform allows for brands to maximize their visibility and increase networking and engagement to a much larger level.

IHFF is a platform which encourages exhibitors to showcase their newest and most advanced innovations, solutions and technologies in health, wellness and fitness, allowing brands to receive valuable and on-spot feedback from current and prospective customers, who have tons of knowledgeable insights. IHFF being an extremely grand production, it is a huge attraction to numerous athletes, celebrities and influencers, making it a hotspot for collaborations, fostering new partnerships and increasing brand value.

All in all, this 3-day extravaganza has paved a way for numerous brands to exponentially grow their business and rise in one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation.

We look forward to seeing you and your brand having a wonderful experience at IHFF!


It's been amazing here in India, the passion from the fans. They truly love what I do not only being 7x Mr. Olympia but also the first IFBB Pro to win the Pro Contest at Sheru Classic 2011 & 12. The sport of Bodybuilding has grown exponentially here along with all forms and types of health and Wellness. It's really cool to see the evolution in India. A message to all is to train hard, train smart. It involves a lot of pain and sacrifice.
Phil Heath
7x Mr. Olympia (Bodybuilding)
What a show put up by IHFF! Thank you for having me here in India to be a part of such an incredible show. The energy is great, I love it. I wish team IHFF all the very best.
Kai Greene
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder (Mr. Olympia)
This is probably my 5th year being here and I am super excited to be here every year, everybody always shows me love. See you again next year!
Andrei Deiu
IFBB Pro Athlete
Hey guys, I want to tell you about the Expo, it's wonderful, it's a very good experience. One of the busiest days today, I like it, I like the fans and the crowd a lot.
Roelly Winklaar
Olympian Athlete
It's my first time in India and I'm very Happy to be here. IHFF Expo is amazing and one of the best exhibitions visited so far. Lots of love and warm greetings from the fans. A big thanks to everyone associated with this Expo. IHFF Rocks!!
Hadi Choopan
The Persian Wolf Mr. Olympia 2022 (Bodybuilding)
India has 1.4 billion people! That is a ton of untapped potential talent. As of the past few years seeing the industry grow through IHFF Olympia India & Sheru Classic has led to a spike in interest in fitness across the board.
Hwang Chul-Soon
Fitness model
The biggest and best Expo in the WORLD, I will definitely be back next year.
Sergio oliva Jr
IFBB Pro Athlete