Exhibitor Profile

Nutrition / Supplements Distributors & Mfr
Fitness Equipment Distributors & Mfr
Fitness Apparel & Clothing / Gear
Herbal & Ayurveda Products
Fitness Technology Equipment and Gadgets
Gym / Fitness Software & Applications
Packaging & Labelling
Fitness Clubs / Gyms
Fitness Innovation Displays
Training Schools / Institutions

Sporting Goods, Accessories & Services
Cycling & Accessories
E-Sports & Gamification
Lifestyle Products
Sports Turf & Floorings
Sporting Shoes & Apparel
Sport Energy Drinks
Water Sports Equipment

Health Foods / Snacks
Health Drinks / Energy Drinks
Organic / Plant Based / Vegan Options
Ingredient Suppliers
Packaging Solutions Providers
Private Label Manufacturing
Dry Fruits
Organic Oils and Seeds

Nutraceutical & Nutricosmetics Manufacturers
Aromatherapy & Spa Products
Beauty Supplements & Vitamin Manufacturers
Wellness & fitness Travel Companiess
Wellness Services Providers
Hair & Wig Industry
Fashion Accessories
Essential Oils Flavours & Perfumes

Why Exhibit?

Whether you are exhibiting at IHFF just to gain brand visibility, or are using it as a platform to grow your brand to the highest of standards, IHFF caters to all exhibitors, and provides exponential growth for all brands.

Brand Visibility

Being a part of IHFF will provide you with Brand Visibility because of its filtered and Targeted audience.

Targeted Engagement

This trade show will help you attract a specific clientele, allowing your brand to engage directly with potential high-value customers.

Product Showcase

The collaboration with IHFF offers your brand a premium platform to demonstrate the quality and innovation of your Brand and Products to a discerning audience.

Networking Opportunities

The participation will provide a space for your brand’s representatives to network with industry professionals, potential business partners, and influencers in the fitness sector.

Feedback Collection

Direct interactions with potential visitors and VIP customers can offer valuable feedback on your products, helping them refine and improve their offerings.

Strengthened Brand Image

Association with a prominent event like the IHFF expo can reinforce your brand’s image as a leading and reputable brand in the fitness/Health/Wellness industry.

Potential Sales Boost

The direct product showcase and interaction might lead to on-the-spot sales or future orders from interested parties.

Partnership Opportunities

Your brand may discover opportunities for future collaborations or partnerships with other brands or entities present at the expo.

Customer Loyalty

By providing one on one products experience and demonstration to its existing VIP customers, it can help your brand further cement its relationship with them, fostering loyalty and long-term engagement.

Glimpses of IHFF

Dive into the world of IHFF, from it's inception to present day! Experience the growth, and come grow with us.